Electro Prime Group LLC Environmental Policy

The focus of Electro Prime is to grow our business through building a reputation as being a high quality, efficient supplier to the automotive industry.  We pursue this through our commitment to implement and maintain an Environmental Management System that focuses on prevention of pollution, reduction of waste, the efficient use of natural resources and compliance with legal and regulatory requirements.

Electro Prime captures opportunities for continuous improvement through the identification of best practices in the industry, internal audits and through the study of aspects and impacts.  The Executive Management Committee sets environmental objectives and targets at the start of the fiscal year.  The objectives and targets are reviewed quarterly to determine effectiveness.  The objectives for 2004 / 2005 fiscal year are:

  • Use natural resources such as gas and water in a more efficient manner.  To achieve this we will determine a baseline for current production efficiencies and strive to improve them by at least 3% over the next year.
  • Reduce the volume of material that goes to landfills.  To achieve this we will determine a baseline for the current volume and strive to reduce it by at least 3% over the next year.  We will do this by encouraging our customers to user reusable packaging and implementing a recycling program.

This policy is communicated through direct employee training, plant-wide postings and on the Electro Prime website.

Environmental Policy Statement
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10 - 4.2-02
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2 / 05-11-04

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