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     Highly-flexible surface preparation and electrodeposition coating capabilities provide to customers:

          Assured High Quality
          Process Consistency
          Repeatable Results

E-coat Ohio Powder Coat
E-coated parts

     This is state-of-the-art corrosion protection, with uniform coverage, excellent surface profiles and high adhesion.
     The Electro-Prime system prime coats a wide variety of metals, including galvanized and galvanealed steel, aluminum and zinc die cast parts and assemblies.
     An eight-stage pretreatment process assures contaminant-free surfaces ready for coating/corrosion protection.
     Electro Prime's paint process optimizes final finish uniformity and appearance.
          Suitable for all metal parts ... from large, complex components (truck cabs, farm machinery) to small pieces (hinges, appliance grills).

     The Electro Prime system can accommodate products to 38" wide, 79" high, 110" long.
E-coating Ohio Powder Coating Ohio
               Special packaging
Ability to coat a wide variety of parts
Superior surface preparation, priming,
and coating capabilities... Computer-based
quality assurance...
and versatility in providing finished coatings, for a wide variety of customer requirements, all mean peace-of-mind for you, whatever your needs.

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