Electro Prime is an integrated resource for metal parts assembly, corrosion protection, packaging, and just-in-time delivery

Flexible, Innovative & Responsive

Electro Prime’s skilled staff and flexible manufacturing systems create unique opportunities to simplify production and fulfillment. Customers benefit from reduced labor, handling, trucking, and lead time — saving money while being gentler to the environment.

Metal Assembly

Electro Prime has a wide array of metal assembly capabilities, including welding, riveting, robotic hemming and fastener application. We utilize both flexible work cells and dedicated multi-robot cells, enabling competitive pricing no matter the piece volume.


Electro Prime E-Coats millions of parts every month for leading automotive manufacturers. From small brackets to entire pickup truck beds, Electro Prime is your one-stop resource for corrosion protection.

Powder Coat

Electro Prime’s powder coat operation supports a wide array of powder types, part types/sizes, and customer requirements. For parts that require dual coating (powder over E-Coat), we offer the efficiencies of applying both under one roof.

Supplemental Operations

Electro Prime is continually expanding its value-added capabilities beyond assembly and coating. Supplemental operations enable Electro Prime to complete parts that would otherwise return to our customer for further processing. Parts are optionally labeled and shipped direct on our customer’s behalf.